Harvard Business Review Is DEAD Wrong About Opt-Out

Blue Sky Factory's DJ Waldow has posted an excellent rebuttal to this awful Harvard Business Review article pining for opt-out email marketing. I think DJ's response is spot on; the HBR article was written by somebody seemingly out of touch, someone who is suggesting that practices need to change without providing any compelling reason or data as to why opt-out is supposedly better.


  1. Al -

    Figured that post would be right up your alley. Ha ha! I wrote it immediately but held off posting for a few days. Did you see the other 41 comments there? I loved yours, but wow - some people still support opt-out. Yikes! Even a bunch on the BSF blog. Scares me.

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

    P.S. I like your comments policy (Al is always right).


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