Speaking of Tagged.com

Tagged.com, who previously won their own anti-spam lawsuit, has yet again had to deal with spam allegations leveled against them.

The Contra Costa Times reports that "Tagged.com has agreed to pay a $650,000 settlement and halt deceptive practices in which millions of people unknowingly gave the site access to their entire e-mail contact list, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office said Monday."

SFGate Blogger Zennie62 writes, "Tagged.com, started in 2004, may claim a membership based of 80 million and be the third largest social network, but after this let's see how many people stick around. At a tech lunch event held in 2006 in Downtown San Francisco, one of the founders bragged to this blogger that Tagged.com was worth $700 million."

And let's not forget, Time Magazine called Tagged.com "The World's Most Annoying Website" last year.


  1. I think the most interesting part of all these stories is:

    "According to Compete, Tagged.com only reached 3.1 million people in the United States last month. After all their spamming, that is not a very impressive number."



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