In Memoriam: Stefan Pollard

It is with sadness that I pass along that email marketing expert Stefan Pollard passed away recently. He was a really good guy. I had only met him a few times in person, but we traded emails regularly, and anything he wrote was always on my "must read" list. (My favorite column of his was probably "Get Over Getting Blocked," and I've linked to his excellent explanation of what spamtraps are in a previous post here on Spam Resource.) He was intelligent, witty and kind and I am sure I am far from the only one that benefited greatly from interacting with him.

Ours is an industry filled with disagreement; there are a lot of folks with questionable motives pretending to wave the flag of best practices while secretly supporting spam (or just being completely ineffective at stopping spam) on the side. It cheers me up to see so many folks step up and have kind things to say about Stefan over on ClickZ. I think that speaks very positively to his reputation and ethics and personality that so many from a fragmented industry have so many good things to say about him.

ClickZ reports that Stefan's employer, Responsys has set up a fund to benefit Stefan's children; those interested can make contributions to the Pollard Memorial Fund by logging in to their personal Paypal account and clicking on the "Send Money" tab. Donations should be sent to e-mail address.
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