Recommended Reading: Fatal System Error

Back in January, I saw author Joseph Menn speak at a conference, telling us tails of tracking cybercrime from the US to Russia and everywhere in-between.  I found the topic (and his telling of these tales) very compelling, scary and amazing.

In his book "Fatal System Error," he shares stories from various good guys chasing after the bad guys (people like Andy Crocker and Barrett Lyon) and the history of the underground cybercrime economy. Crime is big business and international cybercrime is no exception.

I found it very interesting, and a bit depressing. Specifically, how hard it is to successfully bring the worst offenders to justice, due to jurisdictional issues, the ease of which criminals (and internet traffic) can cross international borders, and the (not too surprising) allegations of police/government protection in some countries.


  1. While I totally understand that working with different legal systems and "legal cultures" can make it hard, and in many cases impossible, to bring offenders to justice, I also think that this attitute ("they're all corrupt over there") isn't helping either. I have spoken to people who have been succesful in getting Russian cybercriminals arrested, by the Russian police and they got the feeling that these guys were more than willing to help -- but also felt that they weren't taken very seriously.

  2. I will check this out. It's been added to my Kindle wish list.


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