NY AG Taking Legal Action Against Tagged.com

Tagged.com, famously called "The World's Most Annoying Website" by Time Magazine, seems to be in trouble again. Tagged previously settled with the San Francisco District Attorney's office for $650,000 over allegations of email-related "deceptive practices." And Tagged.com's CEO Greg Tseng was a co-founder and CEO of Jumpstart Technologies, the company with the dubious distinction of having paid the largest CAN-SPAM settlement ever, from what I can tell.

This time around, the trouble relates to child pornography. The office of the Attorney General of the State of New York alleges that "Tagged.com repeatedly looks the other way when sexually explicit material is sent to its underage users." Ouch. But wait, there's more. "After receiving a consumer complaint that Tagged was non-responsive to user alerts about graphic images of children being sexually abused, sexual solicitation of minors by adults, and pedophilia, Cuomo’s investigators created undercover Tagged.com accounts and made over 100 reports about 80 users regarding inappropriate sexual content and contact. The undercover accounts were then used to report this content and contact to Tagged using the mechanisms described on the company’s Web site. Despite these alerts, the vast majority of the reported users still have active Tagged accounts and most of the reported content remains on the Web site. In sum, of 80 users that were reported to Tagged by undercover investigators for various misdeeds, 51 users still have active accounts." Click here to read the full press release.
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