Magill-Meat Love Fest

Ken Magill, over on The Magill Report, had this to say about link blog Box of Meat: "I get a lot of story ideas from Box of Meat. It is No. 1 on my “favorites” list. It is the first blog I check every day because it always leads me in new, informative, unexpected directions. Box of Meat’s…contributors will probably be appalled to learn I’m such a fan—let’s just say they are not marketing’s biggest cheerleaders—but I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a hat tip to them anyway."

Box of Meat then returned the love by posting this to their own blog, and letting the world know that if they could, they'd send Ken a tchotchke in return.

As for me, I'm a big fan of both Box of Meat and the Magill Report.
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