Holomaxx suing Microsoft, Others

From TechEye.net: [Email sender Holomaxx is alleging that] “Microsoft knowingly relies on faulty automated filters and equally faulty third party information to identify purported spam emails,” said the suit. “Even after Holomaxx informed Microsoft that it was not sending spam – and then took the initiative to review all of of Microsoft’s technical standards and suggested ‘best practices’, and then changed its mailing practices to address the only potential issue that it found there, Microsoft informed Holomaxx that due to its ‘negative reputation’, Microsoft is not able to override its own automatic spam filters.”

Who the heck is Holomaxx? If they're so "esteemed" and have "an excellent reputation," how come I don't know anybody who has heard of them? Pardon my hubris, but I have been in the email industry for a good ten plus years and you'd think me or a colleague would have stumbled across them by now.

Interestingly, they state their IP address ranges: to Anybody see any spamtrap or other email activity from those IP addresses?

And isn't this suit a non-starter? Doesn't CDA Section 230 already nullify Holomaxx's claims here?

The article mentions only Microsoft, but I am led to believe that others (such as Yahoo and Return Path) are in the cross-hairs, as well. I'm sure there will be lots more to come on this topic in the very near future, so stay tuned!

More on this from Ken Magill over at his site.
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