More Spam from Newegg?

My old friend Mike Horwath previously shared with us his experience with Newegg sending him spam. Now he's letting us know that one of his employees is also receiving spam from Newegg. I'm bummed; Newegg always seemed to be a great place to buy computers and electronics; but hearing about them send spam sure gives me pause.


  1. I used to love doing business with Newegg, but no more. They haven't spammed me (yet), but if they're spamming I won't be doing business with them any more.

  2. I don't have any experience with NewEgg spamming but I can say one of their competitors certainly has issues in their marketing dept.

    I recently purchased a USB memory stick from TigerDirect and unchecked the "Weekly Specials." permission box when checking out. Apparently, that means it's ok for them to send email messages asking if you want to sign up for the weekly specials list. Also, they email you to please rate the product you bought.


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