AOL blocked? Don't try this at home.

Gee, ya think THIS will scale?

Over on the AOL Postmaster blog, a commenter tells a tale of his alternate method of finding a human at AOL to assist with his spam blocking issue:

"Since I felt that this was beginning to rise to the level of something that AOL execs should really be concerned about, I did the only remaining thing I could think of - I bought a share of AOL stock, and contacted AOL Investor Relations with an explanation of how, as a shareholder, I was very concerned with AOL's complete lack of inbound email delivery support and how I felt this would likely adversely impact shareholder value.

Yesterday, I got a response from a nice guy named Lothar their IR department with an offer to provide assistance in resolving our issue. I've forwarded our mail server/IP address info to Lothar, and am awaiting response. As a share of AOL stock is on par with the cost of a month of AOL service at this point, it might represent a cheaper way to get access to some attention/help. I'll post here again when I know how this approach works out."

Uhhhh....really? I have to admit, this gave me a good laugh. But is it likely a winning strategy? I'm doubtful.
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