Push Clickers Across the Conversion Finish Line

Nothing really wrong with the guidance in this blog post over at the Bronto Blog, but I can't be the only person who read the head line and thought, hey, I'm a person, not a lost shopping cart. Don't "push" me. Invite me. Am I right? (No, I'm not channeling Seth Godin. I'm channeling J.D. Falk.)

No surprise: Holomaxx loss.

Well, maybe it wasn't quite a sure thing, because you never know how a judge is going to rule. You just don't. Even if the law seems clear as the blue sky (and this one does). But, good news -- as most folks expected, Holomaxx got spanked again in court today, the judge reminding everybody within ear shot that Section 230(c)(2)(A) of the CDA holds ISPs immune from liability in their spam blocking efforts. Read more over at Laura Atkins' Word to the Wise blog.

MAPS/Trend Micro Spamtrap Issues?

Over on the Word to the Wise blog, Steve Atkins reports on something very alarming: That Trend Micro's MAPS blocking lists seem to be playing silly buggers with spamtraps. Specifically, that while their stated requirements for list management best practices has always mandated double opt-in (aka confirmed opt-in), they may still list an ESP or sender anyway, based on mail to supposed "spamtrap addresses" that have actually clicked to confirm the subscriptions in question. OUCH. This seems like really bad form for Trend Micro -- it is absolutely worst practice to click on links in mail sent to spamtrap addresses, then use that mail or subsequent messages as a basis for blocklisting.