Send Less Mail, Make More Money

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Representatives from fashion designer Nicole Miller shared that unsub rates have dropped and revenue jumped, all thanks to reducing send frequency, from three emails each week down to one single weekly email.

This shows that that over-saturating your recipient base causes subscriber fatigue; it makes those subscribers less interested in what you're selling.

At its extreme, you can end up reducing a recipient's mail box to a pile of smoking rubble. Last week I tested a signup process for a potential client. One form submission with one checkbox, and 72 hours later, I had received 94 follow up email messages. Not surprisingly, 85% of them went to the Gmail spam folder.


  1. Let's hope that none of those messages were co-reg derivatives!!

    My favourite subscriptions are the weekly ones. I actually look forward to my Monday Perl newsletter.

    If I wanted multiple messages per day, I'd read their blog. Good post.


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