Crazy on Display

Ken Magill tweeted this today:
Meaning, if you're wondering why some of the Spamhaus people tend to use pseudonyms, why they tend to keep everything in email, et cetera, read Ken's article. The article is a bunch of Q&A with Spamhaus representatives, answering questions submitted by readers, mostly marketers. The comment thread was hijacked by somebody very mad about Spamhaus and who seems to be screaming "terrorism!" and trying to make a lot of other points that I'm not totally understanding.

So, yeah. There's that. Which pretty well aligns with what I said on the subject recently.

I did a bit of Googling the other day to look for more info on who hates Spamhaus and the people involved with Spamhaus. There's a whole Facebook group filled with stuff about "killing them all" and "stopping the US Government Zionist Conspiracy." So, yeah. They're dealing with that kind of thing, too.


(Edit: Uh, there USED to be a bunch of wacky comments at the bottom of that Magill post. They all seem to have disappeared.)
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