Gmail Tabs Roundup

Do you have any other links to articles about Gmail's new tabbed inbox user interface? Leave details in a comment and I'll update the post.

Let's start with two from Ken Magill: His August 20th article talking to Kirk Gray of APUS, and his August 27th article explaining list lack of agony.

Act-On Software's Kent McGovern provides this overview and later suggests that it's too soon to worry, but suggests that you do watch your stats.

StrongView's Sean Wirt provides this overview of the new Gmail inbox. StrongView's Justin Williams wrote up this article for ClickZ, offering his thoughts on how to prevent yourself from getting tabbed out of existence. He provides more guidance in this good blog post, Responding to Gmail Tabs.

Stephanie Miller of the DMA explains that this "definitely changes the game for how consumers will behave in their Gmail accounts." Her article also contains links to more info from Return Path, Silverpop and others.

HubSpot's Ginny Soskey explains how the new Gmail inbox works and why marketers should pay attention.

From Lyris: Matt Strzelecki helps the reader get familiar with the new look and feel of Gmail tabs. Eric Dezendorf explains that Engagement and value win out. And Andrew King provides real life examples of "how to tackle Gmail tabs."

Here's an overview from Sendgrid's Brian O'Neill.

Bronto's Chris Kolbenschlag asks "Will Gmail's New Inbox Tabs Affect Deliverablility?"

MailChimp's Matthew Grove dives deep into the data, explaining how Gmail's new inbox is affecting open rates. MC's Knowledge Base team followed up with, "How do I get my emails to the Primary tab in Gmail?"

Over on Inbox Marketer's Digital Dexterity blog, Matthew Vernhout helps to answer the question, "What do Gmail Tabs Mean for Email Marketers?"

Constant Contact's Ryan Pinkham explains that, "for Gmail subscribers, we saw small decreases in open rates between May and June," but goes on to add that there's no need to panic.

Here's an overview (with inbox strategy samples) from Anne Koskey-Wagoner over at Ebay Enterprise.

Laura Atkins of Word to the Wise with a series of posts: Overview, Inbox challenges and dull email, and Good for marketers?

And from ExactTarget (disclosure: my employer), Mickey Chandler explains that "Gmail Updates Reward Recognizable and Consistent Branding." I explain that "Marketing Messages Aren’t Dead Yet." And Jay Baer and Kyle Lacy share their "Adventures in the New Gmail Inbox."

Update: Here's a couple more. One from Aweber's Amanda Gagnon, and one from Jordan Loriaux at Mailjet. Thanks to readers for pointing these ones out!
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