⛄ Put a snowman in your subject line ⛄

I'm not going to lie; I think it's a bit silly. But, I get asked about this pretty darn regularly: How can I put symbols in my subject line? Well, it's kind of easy. First, you have to know what symbol you want to use, then you just need to know what the right bit of code is to represent that symbol, and how to paste it into your favorite ESP's editor as the right bit of code.

Thanks to Steve Atkins of Word to the Wise, it's now very easy to answer the "which bit of code" question. Just click on over to the Encoding tool on wiseTools, and type in the name of the character you want to use. You can even type in a partial name and get a list of matches. (Try typing in "star" for example.) After you select a symbol (glyph), you're taken to a page with details of how to copy and paste, or type, the desired symbol in different ways for different uses cases. Copy and paste your bit of code into your email tool, and away you go!

It's pretty easy, and kind of fun to play with, too!
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