2015: The Year of DMARC?

Based on page views, here's what was most popular on Spam Resource throughout 2015. (I'm sensing a theme...)
  1. Ask Al: My email address is being used in spam! Email address forgery is still a big deal, as measured by the number of people finding their way to my blog based on searching for this topic.
  2. The kerfuffle around Yahoo's DMARC policy.
  3. Followed by how to deal with that DMARC-related kerfuffle, if you run a mailing list.
  4. Signing outbound list mail with OpenDKIM. I didn't think much about this one at the time, but it makes sense in the context of DMARC's effectively requiring that mailing list mail must be handled differently. I guess I'm not the only one who was wondering how to sign mailing list mail with DKIM authentication.
  5. Google Groups rewriting from addresses to handle DMARC policy. Lots of folks were curious to learn how Google Groups handled headers in this "new world order," after ISPs began to implement p=reject DMARC policies.
Of those top five posts, the only one not directly related to DMARC or DKIM still related to something that DMARC and DKIM work together to help address -- email forgery.

Does that mean 2015 was the year of DMARC? Maybe 2016 will end up being the real year of DMARC as more and more mail providers implement a DMARC policy. But it certainly was on peoples' minds in 2015. With multiple big mail services beginning to publish restrictive DMARC policies in 2014, people started to take notice of both DMARC and DKIM in 2015.
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