to Adopt p=reject DMARC Policy

Today on the DMARC-Discuss mailing list, a representative of announced that they plan to move to a restrictive p=reject DMARC policy.

They plan to start with the domain, moving this domain to a p=reject DMARC policy on March 1, 2016. They plan to move other domains (,,, and to a p=reject DMARC policy in the future, but have not announced dates.

If you run software that applies a special handling to certain domains, now would be a good time to update that software with these domains, if it is something that must be manually updated. Or better yet, time to ensure that your mailing list software or mail forwarding processes are updated to automatically deal with a p=reject DMARC policy as needed.

Yahoo and AOL have implemented a p=reject DMARC policy for some of their domains, and Gmail has announced plans to do so in the near future. A member of the AOL Postmaster Team has offered suggestions on how to modify mailing list software to handle users at domains with a restrictive DMARC policy, and I have also offered my own suggested best practices for mailing list management software.
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