Here's why I unsubscribed

I really like my 2014 Lincoln MKZ. It's sort of the one flashy thing I own. I don't have a big house or wear fancy clothes, but I enjoy my nice ride. And I was really happy with my purchasing experience at Napelton Lincoln in Glenview, just outside of Chicago.

Since I have since moved to Minnesota, I obviously have had to find a new dealer to take the car to for service and maintenance. Well, the new dealer uses some system that sends automated email notifications. It keeps emailing me to tell me it's time for 35,000 mile maintenance. But there is no 35,000 mile scheduled maintenance for this car. Lincoln's own website says the next maintenance is due at 40,000 miles.

But I can't get their system to stop telling me to come in, and I don't see any way to update them or give them feedback about it. And if I even did call them on the phone, do you think they're going to have some way to update their marketing automation campaign just for me? Probably not.

So...I am forced to unsubscribe. Sorry, local Lincoln dealer, but I guess the honeymoon is over and the mismatched maintenance schedule in your marketing automation program is to blame.
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