Yahoo, Gmail and Spam in the news

Yahoo and Gmail both hit the news this past weekend, and not for great reasons.

If you're an American Yahoo! Mail user and you want to email your congressman, good luck with that. Congress is apparently blocking access to Yahoo! Mail, in an effort to reduce malware infections within this branch of government. It's not entirely clear if they're also blocking mail sent by Yahoo! Mail users, but my guess is that they are. More from Boing Boing.

Google perhaps hasn't considered the problem of algorithmic cruelty-- people who email you often can show up in your address book unannounced, and that can include stalkers and harassers. More from Boing Boing.

Google no longer mines emails of users of Google Apps for Education to determine ads to display, but the used to, and that's made a group of students upset enough to sue. More from Slashdot.

And in unrelated news, Hormel's Spam Museum has a new home in Austin, Minnesota, just a bit south of where I'm sitting at this very moment. Planning your trip yet?
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