Can't send to Dad, sorry.

"Send to Dad by Sunday midnight!" the email's subject line exclaims. My father is currently in hospice care. He isn't reading a lot of emails. He probably doesn't need this valuable offer.

This reminds me a lot of the multiple "Don't miss out on Mother's Day reservations" emails from last month. My mother was cremated at the end 2014, so she probably doesn't need a reservation.

But please keep reminding me of the past and pending deaths of people dear to me, marketers! It's thoroughly endearing-- kind of like an un-ending emotional colonoscopy.

My mother passed away right around Thanksgiving in 2014. When Thanksgiving rolls around, that doesn't itself get me down. It's the explicit reminders that marketers blast via email and Facebook on those couple of holidays that actually suck.

It only took about a year after our last dog died to get the vet to stop sending us "it's time for Solly's checkup!" reminders.

You'd think marketers would do better at making it easy to stop this kind of thing.

They don't, though.
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