Sanford Wallace gets jail time for FB scam

Ah, Sanford Wallace. 1990s spammer, widely blocked and blacklisted, one of a few big bad spammers who made the rest of us realize that spam was a real problem and that we had to do something about it.

Way back in 1999, in a Usenet discussion thread about Sanford, one of my fellow spam fighters asked this question: "My question would be when Wallace is going to find another loophole that allows him to cost-shift his advertising? If he could find a way to print flyers and get them glued onto everyone's car, then sue them for removing them, I'd bet that he'd do it. He's just that kind of scumbag."

Uh, well, here's something. "Last August, Wallace admitted to compromising around 500,000 Facebook accounts, using them to send over 27 million spam messages through Facebook's servers, between November 2008 and March 2009."
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