AOL announces Alto, new mobile email app

On Thursday, AOL launched iOS and Android versions of "Alto," a "proprietary email intelligence engine built to analyze and restructure the mountain of valuable data buried across multiple inboxes," aka a fancy new email client with time-saving email-sorting functionality built in.

AOL aims to help you simplify dealing with massive amounts of emails, by having the Alto engine automatically organize messages into "stacks" based on message type. 

You don't have to be an AOL email user to use Alto. The Alto email client supports email accounts from AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange and "any other IMAP email provider."

Do we need another email client? I guess I'll download and test this one out and see, but I'm not holding out that it's going to be a magic replacement for my iOS Mail (of which I am a heavy user). I'll be curious to see if it renders emails any differently. I'm sure that'll give designers fits, if so.

For more about Alto, read the Fast Company article, check out the AOL press release, or click on over to the Alto Mail website.
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