Top Five Spam Resource Posts of 2017

Hey, we made it! 2017 is finally drawing to a close! Let's take a moment to review the top five most popular Spam Resource posts this year. Anything to help take our minds off of the fresh hell that awaits us in 2018, right?

5. In 2017, it seemed like a lot of people needed help mitigating deliverability issues with Microsoft Hotmail /, making my summary overview on the topic the fifth most popular page on this site this year.

4. Even though this was published over ten years ago, people are still confused about what to do when an email message bounces back with a "we do not relay" error message. Google searches for help on this topic made this page the fourth most requested page on this site this year.

3. My explanation of the list-unsubscribe header and how Apple started handling the related unsubscribe functionality in the iOS native email client from the launch of iOS version 10 was the third most popular page on this site this year.

2. Lots of people are apparently wondering what Yahoo's domain names are. How come they don't publish an authoritative list? I guess their loss is my gain, making this page the second most popular page on this site this year.

1. And finally, backscatter -- that is, misdirected bounces coming back to you in response to mail that you did not send -- is still such a problem, that my page on the topic, published ten years ago, was the most popular page on Spam Resource this year.

Happy new year, everyone! Let's hope it gets better from here.
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