This weekend: Gmail spam, from me, to me

"9 to 5 Google" reports on a new spam run that seems to have found and exploited some sort of loophole in Gmail spam filtering. Anybody else get hit with this? I did; starting last night, I got upwards of 40+ spams like this, falsely purporting to be from me, sending to me, and getting through to the Inbox. Google says they've fixed it and the spams don't appear to be getting through to my inbox any more, which is good. This is just spam; I have no reason to suspect a security breach of any kind. Some spammer just got lucky testing some old school spam filtering rule that people perhaps haven't been tripping in a while.

I guess it also tells me that I come to rely on Gmail's spam filtering pretty heavily. It generally does such a good job that a failure that lets something slip through, if even only for a day, is enough to make me see a bunch of spam that I normally wouldn't. So I am actually going to say thank you, Google, both for your overall good job in Gmail spam filtering, and for responding to this issue so quickly.
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