Return Path launches Universal FBL

If you manage ISP Feedback Loop (FBL) subscriptions for a set of sending IP addresses, you'll like this.

Return Path just launched what they call a "Universal FBL," an ISP Feedback Loop signup and management process that encompasses almost every single ISP FBL known to humankind.

RP currently manages 18 different ISP Feedback Loops, from the looks of it. In the past, when you have a new range of sending IP addresses come live, you had to register that new range of IP addresses with each one of those FBL registration pages separately. No more! Now you can combine it all into one subscription, one configuration, so that when you have a new IP address range go live, it takes just a few minutes to add your new range to all 18 different feedback loops.

Read more about this here.

Note: This is something that ESPs and ISPs sign up for; this is not something that end users or individual marketing senders would typically sign up for. If you use an ESP to send your mail, work with that ESP to ensure that they've enrolled your IP addresses and domains into all possible ISP feedback loops.
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