Now Hiring: Microsoft

Looking for a new opportunity? Email and anti-spam jobs are a unique enough unicorn that I will share them here when able, hoping to help employers reach the right folks among my blog readers.

And here's one of those right now! Microsoft is looking for somebody in the anti-abuse/malware mitigation realm. Here are details:

Microsoft’s Office 365 information protection team is an industry leader in email filtering and advanced thread protection scenarios. We are looking to grow our human intelligence team with analysts who are experts in fighting online abuse, spam, phishing and malware. If you are passionate about security and care about creating a safe cloud productivity environment, we want to talk to you.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Analyze emerging spam, phishing and malware attacks and devise innovative automated rules and strategies to mitigate them
  2. Perform post-facto data analysis and gather intelligence to help improve our Machine learning and automated systems
  3. Work closely with engineering, researchers and Product Managers to bring new security solutions to market
  4. Work closely with security experts across Microsoft and help keep Office 365 and Microsoft secure

Ideal Candidate
1. BS plus in computer science, Math or related engineering or science field
2. Five plus years of experience in related security areas (anti-spam, anti-phish, anti-malware) as an analyst or engineer
3. Expertize and familiarity with email systems and protocols
4. Expertize in development and scripting technologies like PowerShell, Perl, regex, C# etc.
5. Expertize and familiarity with data analysis at large scale and ability to apply relevant tools (SQL, excel, etc.). Familiarity with Big data tools is a plus

Does this sound like the job for you? If so, contact [email protected] with a copy of your resume in either Word, PDF or plain text format.