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History Repeating: Challenge/Response again?!

At least one mailing list operator on Mailop is reporting that he's receiving mail from something called BitBounce. It sounds like some combination of crypto-currency based "pay to send email" thing (remember Hashcash? Or is this more like e-postage?) where you attempt to limit spam by requiring each individual sender to pay some extra fee (which doesn't really work unless the whole world buys into the model) and "challenge/response" email filtering wherein you attempt to limit spam by spamming back to the sender a requirement that they click on a link and do a little dance to prove they're human. Which still doesn't work very well, not back when I talked about it in 2014, not back when I talked about it in 2006.

Whaaaaat? This nonsense again? Nobody reads the history books anymore, do they? Kids today...

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