2018: Did I get it right?

Just over a year ago I predicted that 2018 would be a year full of mailbox provider consolidation, many folks implementing DMARC, and ISP filtering getting more tougher than ever. Was I right? It sure sounds a lot like what I worked on much of the time last year.

Is it too glib to say 2019: More of the same? Because that's my first thought. Provider filters continue to get tighter, DMARC is bigger than ever, and AOL and Yahoo are not quite done merging. I suspect BIMI will grow in 2019, but I feel like we're two or three years out before somebody can declare that 20xx is the "year of BIMI."

I know I'll be focusing more on international (non-US) deliverability this year, but it's hard to say if that's just me, that might not be an "industry" thing.

What do you foresee for challenges and likely focus areas for email and deliverability in 2019?


  1. The idea behind BIMI is great especially as a standard even outside email communication. However, I agree that this will take years to fully be implemented.

    With the recent raise of DMARC implementation it will be very simple for businesses to add BIMI and the cost are minimal. I predict that it will be a very simple quick and silent raise of BIMI especially when Hotmail and Gmail (after closing G+) joining the standard.

    We here in Australia have less use of BIMI at this stage as Oath is only the smallest portion of the overall ISP landscape. However, as the implementation is nearly free after DMARC is in place, we will "just" add it.

    Focus for us is clearly deliverability to Europe and Asia for this year


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