You should check out: Really Good Emails

Fellow Director of Deliverability Jen Nespola Lantz reached out to me to share a link to Really Good Emails.

She writes:"I often get asked, "Okay, you want me to do X, but what would that look like? Can you send me ideas?" I am not always able to send client examples, so I used to either have to mock them up or pull from personal examples. Although this is not necessarily a deliverability tool, it is a great source of ideas for emails and messaging for this very case (and many more). If you think about it, ultimately, if you send content that looks great and functions well, you may drive more customers to look for it and then interact with it. If you drive a better experience you'll likely end up improving deliverability maybe it is a tool, just an indirect one. The examples stored here are clean and beautiful and demonstrate very creative ways to message successfully once you get those eyeballs. Hope you find it useful!"

This is a cool site and I think folks will find it very helpful! Thanks, Jen!

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