A few COVID-19 subject lines

The Freecycle Community and COVID-19. COVID-19: How UPS is Responding. Update from Starbucks. Supporting our customers during this critical time. Coronavirus Update. Temporary Change to Store Hours. A travel update from our leadership. COVID-19 Updates From the Illinois Lottery. Our commitment to safety - a message about coronavirus. A message from our CEO. Important information about the coronavirus. A message to our guests from CEO. More Flexibility for Your Travel. Health and Safety Information from WG Restaurants. Caring for the Lyft community. Traveling with Flexibility and Care. We are here for you. Here’s Are New Hours and Closures for Campus Buildings During Coronavirus Outbreak. How we're supporting you during the coronavirus. A message from our CEO. Health & Safety Update from Tire Store. A travel update from leadership. A Letter to our Fans. Our pledge to you during the coronavirus outbreak. A message from E.T. about COVID-19. Updates & Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19. We are still operating at full capacity. A Day of Giving Message for Customers. Message from the Mayor: COVID-19 Updates. Extending Our Support Through COVID-19.

These ones found in my personal email inbox, just from the past couple of days, and I'm sure there's more to come.

I know messaging your customer base is very important to you and your company during this time. My one ask is, make sure your message truly is valuable to your recipients. I know it matters to the business, but if it doesn't matter to the recipients, the ISPs don't want it and will be more likely to filter it. My ability to prevent that is limited.

Only a few of these messages went to my spam folder so far. I do suspect that number will rise as I continue to receive more and more emails.

I don't usually call senders out on my blog, but I will say that in at least a few of these cases, I have not purchased from or interacted with the company or organization in question for at least the past two or three years. At that point, am I really still your customer?

Maybe I'm unique, but I've lived in four states in the last five years. Telling me your local store hours are impacted because I shopped there once five years ago does me little good, since that store is about 600 miles away from me today.

But even if I'm not like most folks.... recency matters.
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