April Fools Day is Cancelled

Please don't email me something fake or "jokey" on Wednesday. And don't do that thing where your company or blog posts a bunch of fake stuff to try to troll people. Tensions are high and people are nervous. Now truly is not the time for failed attempts at being wacky.

Fellow email industry colleague Chad S. White sums it up better than I can. He writesI'm really worried that brands are going to botch #AprilFoolsDay more than usual this year. The risks of being the wrong kind of funny are extra high this year. My advice? Skip it this time around.

Thankfully, Google gets it. The Verge reports that Google has canceled its infamous April Fools' jokes this year, and rightly so. Now is not the time to spread misinformation, even if it's well meant and in the name of humor.
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