Everything marketers need to know about BIMI: The latest email standard

Jennifer Cannon from Martech Today just posted a solid overview of where BIMI is at today. If you don't recall what BIMI is, she explains: "BIMI is a way for brands to publish their logos in their customers’ inboxes and allows logos to be easily incorporated into messaging."

Read on for her good overview.

She does explain this, but I think it merits stating again: there's currently what amounts to a gap in the protocol -- in that "logo verification" is currently recommended, but there's really not yet any specified methodology in the spec that really guides you toward what you need to do in this regard.

So for now, I say, publish your BIMI record, make sure your domain's DMARC record is configured properly along side it, and wait and see while the standard catches up. I'm sure we'll hear more at some point as to the best way to handle any potential validation or other review process.
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