Other Deliverability Monitoring Vendors?

Besides Return Path and 250ok (now both owned by Validity), and eDataSource (now owned by SparkPost), here are three other deliverability monitoring vendors, as shared by kind commenters on my previous post:

GlockApps can help you "check if your emails are spam free and deliverable." I am told that they provide seedlist-based inbox monitoring, email spam checker and DMARC analytics.

Inboxable by Yesmail offers detailed inboxing, spam placement and blocking rate reporting, deliverability metrics by geographic region/ISP, and "Inbox Sub-Folder Placement" -- this last feature "showcases which inbox folder a message landed in at ISPs that now have sub-folders within the Inbox." (Gmail tab placement, I take it?)

Mail Monitor provides inbox placement tracking, spam filter analysis, duration testing (how long, after hitting send, did it take for the message to deliver?), reputation tracking, and more.

My apologies for the brief descriptions, as I'm not very familiar with any of these.

And do you remember Pivotal Veracity? Acquired by Unica, then Unica was acquired by IBM, and now that business has been spun out to Acoustic. It looks like a tiny bit of Pivotal Veracity may still exist out there somewhere, but one assumes this is only for clients of the IBM/Acoustic Marketing Cloud. (Update: A commenter suggests that PV was likely replaced with 250ok in 2016 or 2017.)

March 2022 Update: In the interest of full disclosure, I will point out that I am now employed by Kickbox, who also has a suite of deliverability related tools, including inbox placement tracking. I'm the product manager for these features and functions, and I'm rather proud what we've managed to add here in a very short amount of time, if I do say so myself.


  1. The Pivotal Veracity tool was replaced by a 250ok integration within Acoustic (I want to say in 2016 or 2017).

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