Beware of questionable and/or bad guys trying to take advantage of you in a rough time

You want the country to open up again? Be careful not to let your haste allow you to fall into the astroturf-driven fake news websites, or even worse, get tricked into giving your personal information out to bad actors.

Brian Krebs reports on how a bunch of domain names purported to be websites started by grass roots "reopen the country" groups may have actually have been registered by anti-gun control activists known to "stir the pot" and who likely want to capture your contact info to market their viewpoint to you. Domaintools reports capably on this as well (it's an interesting read), and it seems like those activists may are perhaps not being honest about who they are. But forget the astroturfing -- it seems there's another category of domains registered. "DomainTools' researchers also found a batch of links registered in bulk specifically with typos for the phrase "Reopen American Business." All of these domains were registered in China and have misspellings, indicating they're set up to be phishing pages." Those domains appear to have ties to a group previously linked to a malware campaign.

TL;DR? If you're upset about state governments not lifting the stay-at-home orders quick enough for your tastes, your search online for like-minded compatriots will fall you down a very right-wing rabbit hole, if you don't get phished or tricked by a spoofed Chinese website instead. Be safe!
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