Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: ZeroBounce

In my ongoing quest to share info about additional email deliverability testing and monitoring vendors, I've stumbled across this press release from email validation platform ZeroBounce. They say: "The ZeroBounce Inbox Placement Tester gives senders an overview of their future email deliverability. Customers will receive access to more than 20 test email addresses associated with the most popular email providers around the world. The results – inbox, spam or not delivered – give users a chance to revise their emails, troubleshoot issues, and send more confidently."

Twenty test email addresses might be considered light compared to the hundreds that some other deliverability testing and monitoring services provide, but it is likely to be good enough coverage for a fair number of senders, depending on their region and industry. Click here to learn more.

Know of any other services? Run such a service yourself? Drop me a line or leave a note in comments.
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