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What is the Vade Threat List? How do I request removal?

Vade Secure is "a global leader in predictive email defense, protecting 600 million mailboxes in 76 countries. We help MSPs and SMBs protect their Office 365 users from advanced email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware."

Based in France, they were originally called "Vade Retro" until 2016. One assumes that perhaps their original name was inspired by "Vade Retro Satana," a latin term that means, basically, "Step back, Satan!"

They offer something called Vade Secure for Office 365, which provides "native, AI-based Email Security for Office 365," meant to block "phishing, spear phishing and malware attacks." It's positioned as a next level filter, meant to provide additional protection beyond Office 365's existing security and anti-spam functionality.

Large American cable modem provider Comcast uses Vade Retro's "Vade Threat List" (VTL) as one of their many email filtering tools. If your sending IP address is listed on the VTL, your mail to subscribers is likely to be rejected with an SMTP 5xx error code referencing BL001000 or BL001001.

To request removal from the Vade Threat List, visit and fill out the form.

It's unclear to me whether or not this VTL list works in a manner similar to the filters Vade Secure has in place at Orange, SFR, and, as announced back in 2015. I can't find any explicit references to the VTL other than the Comcast blocking information page. It seems possible that perhaps the VTL is a subset of Vade Secure reputation data published in a DNSBL-like format to make it simple for Comcast to utilize.

August 12, 2020 update: Vade Secure now has a simple Postmaster Site, which currently focuses on providing information for various block bounce error messages. Check it out!


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  1. Great post Al. It appears as if their delist form has been changed to require that you create an account first and validate all of your IPs. If anyone else if having trouble with this process let me know!

    1. yes i have filled up their form but my request are in pending and are in archive now.
      What can i do about it

    2. their delist form requires a company web address. Our company does not have one ?

      Thank you for any information that might help

  2. "If anyone else if having trouble with this process..."

    Thank you for that offer! I've just been through the process with Vade, seemingly successfully except that Vade's tool requires (apparently) that I click the orange "caution" symbol beneath "Status" in order to complete the process. When I click that, a very generic "Internal server error" message is the only result. Did you run into this? I'm thinking simply to wait a few hours until somebody at Vade notices. There's no useful support contact on the site.

  3. Followup on my previous question, for anybody encountering the same issues w/server errors on Vade's system.

    As it turns out, whatever it is that is broken on Vade's system is not actually stopping the approval process from happening. In our case, although nearly every confirmatory step resulted in a "500" reply, the plumbing below was working.

    Vade's validation system is borderline negligent, a common feature of many self-appointed BL actors.

  4. Indeed, I had noticed this as well (and posted about it on Linkedin here). I'll update this post shortly with info on the potential for 503 errors.

  5. what is the reason for IP's blocked by Vade Threat List

  6. The phone number at the bottom was to a US office and they fixed the problem by the end of the day for me) (not sure if US address) (not sure if US address)

    +1 (415) 745 3630 (US phone number)
    100 Pine Street, Suite 1250
    San Francisco, CA 94111

  7. I have a user with e-mail being blocked by the Vade system. They give a reason code that doesn't exist on their website, OXSUS002_204. So helpful Vade.

    Then I have to jump through hoops to try to get my IP address validated. . . WHAT??? Honestly, I'm sorry you don't trust my server, maybe you should contact me instead, rather than me cleaning up your crap service.

  8. You have blocked my personal email which is ridiculous as the company I keep emailing owes me money and has committed fraud I would like to be removed asap

  9. You have blocked a personal email address

  10. I'm not Vade, and Vade doesn't block email addresses or individuals. Contact your ISP for assistance. Whatever issues you are having have nothing to do with me.

  11. Blocked trying to contact a company that owes me money

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