Howto: Forward email automatically

A simple tip for you today: If you ever switch up your email address, especially if you decide to change which service you use for your personal email inbox, you might want to configure things so that mail sent to your old email address is forwarded to your new email address automatically. That's generally doable, though keep in mind that it is can play a bit of havoc with spam filtering -- IP reputation (whether a sending IP address is viewed as good or bad by an ISP) can get confusing in an email forwarding scenario, because the new ISP could incorrectly see the old ISP as the source of the email message. when it's just doing the forwarding. That's oversimplifying things a bit, and things like domain reputation and DKIM signature help to address it, but it's still something to be aware of. (DMARC adds a whole other level of complexity that I could write a book about, but I won't. Not here, anyway.)

Here's instructions on how to configure automatic email forwarding for different ISP/webmail services.
H/T to HEY for sharing those first four links (not on their website; but they do share it as one of the introductory email messages that they send to new users).

November 9, 2020 Update: Verizon's Yahoo Mail will cease support for email forwarding for free account holders in January, 2021.
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