Need simple DNSBL/blocking list tracking?

If you need simple DNSBL blocking list (or blacklist) tracking, here's a couple of services that both seem to work well: Debouncer and RBL Tracker. Both are free if monitoring only a single IP address. For Debouncer, you can monitor up to ten IP addresses at an 8 hour interval for $35/year. RBL Tracker allows you to track up to 20 IPs at a 24 hour interval for $8/month. Both have varying increasing prices to add additional hosts and/or adjust the monitoring interval.

I'm using both to monitor the same single IP address and they've picked up and notified me of listings appropriately. Now that my one blocklisting issue is resolved, they're sending me a periodic notification to let me know that my IP address isn't listed on any DNSBL. If I had to choose, I'd say Debouncer is perhaps the better of the two tools. It seemed to email me of listing (and de-listing) notifications quicker than RBL Tracker did. But both got the job done adequately.

I don't know much about the company behind either, so I can't speak to that. But I've been happy with the service provided by both.

And finally, I know a lot of ESPs and deliverability tracking services offer DNSBL monitoring of their own. Nothing wrong with those tools, but I was thinking it also couldn't hurt to enable one of these third party DNSBL monitoring solutions as well. Belt and suspenders, etc.

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