Top Five Spam Resource Posts of 2020

As the annus horribilis that is 2020 comes to a close, allow me to share the top five most popular Spam Resource posts from this year. Without further ado, they are:

Number Five: Help, I'm blocked at Microsoft! What do I do?
For quite a while now, Microsoft webmail platform has been seemingly been the quickest to block senders, and not always with a clearly discernible (to the sender) reason. I doubt that's going to change any time soon. But at least my post from August can help guide you on what steps you should try to remediate issues when they appear. It's clearly something that people run across often, based on the amount of views this post has received. 

Number four: What is IP warming?
IP warming (building up reputation properly on a new sending IP address by building up sending volume slowly) is still just as important as it ever was. And if not handled properly, the pain a sender experiences is quite significant. From back in September, this is a hot enough topic for this post to already have worked its way up to 2020's number four in just a few short months.

Number three: Reference: VMG Domains List (Verizon, Microsoft, Google)
If you're looking to segment out mail to AOL/Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail) and Google, you'll note tht the first two have a zillion different domain names for hosted subscriber mailboxes. This list allows you to more accurately segment for purposes of re-engagement, list hygiene, and setting appropriate SMTP throttle settings. I put this list together in 2018 and I'm happy to see that people are still finding it useful.

Number two: ISP Deliverability Guide: 1&1 (, GMX,
I put this together back in June, and it's quite amazing to see that it has become the second most popular post of 2020 in only half the year. I wish it were detailed, that it were longer and had more info. But, I've done what I can to share everything I know about them, and I hope folks are finding it helpful. It's clear that a lot of folks are looking for assistance and understanding relating to deliverability issues at 1&1. They host quite a lot of B2C consumer mailboxes and yet not many people know much about them.

Number one: Help! All mail to users is bouncing!
The most read Spam Resource post of 2020 is another that I posted back in June. In it, I help senders understand why mail to this special domain is bouncing, and what they need to do to register with Apple so they can successfully send mail to these "Sign in with Apple"-users. I guess I wasn't alone when I stumbled across bounces for this domain and wondered what it was all about!

Thank you to all who read Spam Resource and who have shared tips, links, and resources with me throughout the past twelve months. I appreciate each and every one of you. Let's do it again next year, hopefully with a new vaccine widely available.

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