Verizon sells AOL and Yahoo

From The Verge: "Verizon has sold its AOL and Yahoo properties to Apollo Global Management in a deal said to be worth $5 billion."

What does this mean: Ownership of the second largest B2C consumer mailbox providers in the US is changing. The future is an unknown. It could bring changes as far as the amount of resources, both human and technical, that are given toward supporting and/or enhancing the AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail platforms. It is impossible to say what level of attention these platforms will get under new ownership. It could mean few or no changes. Or it could lead to additional enhancements to the platforms, perhaps with paid service tiers and additional functionality. Or it could result in a belt tightening with a lessened ability to respond to ISP postmaster/delivery issues, tune spam filtering, and assist senders.

That's a very small lens through which to view a rather large acquisition -- there's much more to this sale than just the AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail consumer webmail platforms. But, this is a deliverability blog, after all.

Stay tuned. We'll learn together what the future will hold.

ETA: Did you know that apparently 1.5 million people still pay for AOL?

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