Guest post from Red Sift: Implementing BIMI with Red Sift and Entrust

Editor's note: I invited Red Sift to share this info here, because many folks are wondering where to go for help on how to implement BIMI (with VMC). I admit that this content is a bit sale-sy in nature, but I'm going to allow it to help broaden our knowledge and also, I like the idea of helping to enable and support the email trust and deliverability ecosystem. No consideration changed hands for this post. -- Al Iverson

Red Sift and Entrust are offering the first and only end-to-end BIMI solution: find out more 

Cybersecurity company Red Sift’s core mission is to make the technology essential for cybersecurity accessible to everyone. Their products include OnDMARC and OnINBOX and, partnered with Entrust, they’re the first ever provider of an end-to-end BIMI certification solution; a win-win for both InfoSec and Marketing teams. 

What are the benefits of BIMI?

Red Sift and Entrust recently conducted a study with 1,000 participants across the US and UK to assess the impact that logo visibility has on open rates, buying behavior, and brand recall. They found that logo visibility in email: 

  • Increased brand recall: after a 5 second exposure, brands that had applied a registered logo increased their recall by up to 45%. 
  • Improved open rates: irrespective of brand strength or market share, the inclusion of a trademarked logo uplifted open rates by up to 39%.
  • Influenced buyer behavior: prospects are more likely to purchase when a registered logo is applied, with an average buying increase of up to 35%.

What does the Red Sift BIMI certification process look like?

Since 2020 Red Sift, partnered with Entrust, has led multiple, global brands through the entire BIMI process, taking on average 8-12 weeks to complete. They take care to guide both marketing and IT teams through all aspects of the process to ensure they qualify for BIMI. Below is a high-level view of the end-to-end BIMI process they offer:

Interested in starting your BIMI journey today? Book your free 15 minute consultation with the Red Sift team.

Keen to find out more about BIMI?

Red Sift has a number of BIMI-related resources on offer too. These include a free BIMI Checker Tool, BIMI Resource Pack and BIMIradar, which tracks the global adoption of BIMI across 51,340,043 apex domains.

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