ZoneMTA: Open source, large volume sending MTA

Are you looking for an open source sending MTA solution?

For big senders, commercial MTA platforms like PowerMTA or MailerQ are usually the way to go. But for those of you looking for an alternative, ZoneMTA might be something for you to check out.

Over on the Mailop list, lead developer on the ZoneMTA project, Andris Reinman, mentioned that he originally built it to replace a specific Postfix instance where more flexible/dynamic routing options were needed, beyond what Postfix can provide.

ZoneMTA is billed as a "modern outbound MTA cross platform and extendable server application." I asked Andris to tell me a bit more about it and he explained, "I would say that ZoneMTA is less a ready made software and more of a framework. You have an 80% completed solution but for your own specific use case you have to build the missing 20%. In most cases this would mean writing some JavaScript code. For example to connect to some specific authentication provider or to send webhooks instead of emails when bounces happen or routing messages based on some specific details of the email."

So, while it's not for the faint of heart -- and perhaps not a simple "just drop it in" MTA solution, it still looks pretty interesting and it might be worth checking out.

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