A DMARC Dictionary from dmarcian (and more!)

I've got just enough time for a quick post today, to share with you this very useful DMARC Dictionary put together by the fine folks at dmarcian. Check it out! And since that would make for a very short blog post, here's four bonus online resources that you might also want to bookmark, if you didn't already know about them:

  • The ISP Information page from Laura Atkins and Steve Atkins over at Word to the Wise, where they've collected info on which ISPs offer ISP Feedback Loops (FBLs), which ones have Postmaster information pages, help/support ticketing systems, etc.
  • My new friends at Kickbox (disclaimer: they are my employer) have put together this great "Developer's Guide to Email" website that you are going to find quite useful if you are looking to learn more about email technology or study how it all comes together.
  • Postmark's SMTP Field Manual allows you to look up example bounce messages for different ISPs, often with links to more information about a particular ISP's spam filtering.
  • And finally, my very own XNND.com, a simple site that lets you DNS lookups and check various things about an IP address or domain name. (Like, does a domain have a DMARC or BIMI record?) Very recently, I moved XNND to Amazon's AWS EC2 platform, to make it faster, and I've got plans to add more features in the future, including re-incorporating my spamtrap data into lookups. (And you should give me your feedback on what else you think I should add to it!)

Happy Friday and happy bookmarking!

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