Spam Resource is going weekly

If you subscribe to Spam Resource via email, thank you! No matter how you choose to consume this content, I appreciate you. But the email subscribers are helping me keep my skills sharp, allowing me to build and run my own mailing list manager software, and write my own automation to send out the actual posts as email messages, from my own server.

For you email subscribers, instead of emailing you every single new blog post, my friendly helper robot will send you a digest summary, every Monday morning, of all the posts from the past week.

There will still be the occasional "breaking news" email when I hear of an ISP or spam filtering system being down, or when a major email service provider acquisition occurs, but barring that, Spam Resource will disturb your inbox but once per week. 

Really Good Emails sends on Friday, THE DRIP sends...every few days, on a schedule I haven't been able to decode, and Gawker seems to like sending on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. (Yes, I subscribe to the Gawker newsletter, for some reason.) So I don't know if Monday will be a day free of other newsletters, or if subscribers will be overwhelmed with the start of their workweek, or what. I'll probably test that over time.

Do you think Monday is a good day or bad day to send? Feel free to let me know what you think.

And if you think I'm making a horrible mistake, let me know as well! If I suddenly get 50 people telling me that they prefer the current style of emails, I'm very likely to reconsider.

This update allows me to clean up the emails in a few other ways, too. I'm now properly using UTF-8, using quoted-printable encoding for the message body, and the email template is responsive and looks better on mobile (tutorials are fun!). If you're not signed up for Spam Resource emails, you might want to consider it!

And, as always, thanks for reading.

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