Taking holiday prep to the next level: 2021 edition

Just recently, I shared my top five (plus) tips on how to be prepared to maximize deliverability success this holiday season. It's a starting point, and I hope you found it useful! But what if we take that to the next level? And by "we," I mean not me. Somebody else beat me to it -- Konstantinos Karagkounis, Deliverability Operations Lead at Emarsys.

Here he explains what makes 2021's holiday email marketing season different -- noting that this year, consumer behavior is different, Black Friday’s trends are always pointing upwards, and we've got a Black Friday "triplet" considering that "Black Friday is now perceived as a week-long event or even something that stretches to the whole of November for certain retailers. It usually ends with Cyber Monday’s week offers, only to start a new cycle of offers and promotions for the Christmas and New Year Holidays’ season." He goes on to provide additional recommendations and considerations as far as positioning yourself for success this holiday season, and it is great stuff. (Though I might pick a nit or two on whether or not one needs to participate in a paid certification program but surely, reasonable people can disagree.)
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