What Does iOS 15 Mean for Email Deliverability during the 2021 Busy Season?

Editor's note: Spam Resource is more-or-less on a break this week, which makes for a great opportunity for me to share a guest post by John Peters, Deliverability Specialist for Campaign Monitor. Take it away, John!

During the busy email season the global volume of emails increases dramatically and it’s a stressful time for both marketers, Email Service Providers and Mailbox Providers (MBPs). To make the most of this period, marketers need to understand the email ecosystem, especially from the viewpoint of the MBP. 

Graphic by: Travis Hazlewood

MBPs’ resources are stretched thin at this time as they strain to manage the increase in emails. MBPs need to balance their responsibility to safeguard their users and deliver relevant emails to their inboxes. While Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature may seem to add more complexity, in a real sense it hasn’t changed Deliverability in a significant way (yet). Senders still need to follow best practices and the rules of Email, now more than ever. This is something that I cover in Campaign Monitor’s latest "What Does iOS 15 Mean for Email Deliverability?" blog post.

-- Written by John Peters, Deliverability Specialist for Campaign Monitor.

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