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I can't tell if this article from Joe Queenan for the Wall Street Journal (paywall; sorry) is a joke or not.

Relevant excerpt: "Just one example [of legitimate email going to the spam folder]: In recent years, a great deal of criticism has been leveled at the Swedish Academy for its baffling awards of the Nobel Prize for Literature to writers no one has ever heard of. It turns out this is because the emails offering the Nobel keep going to the authors’ spam folders. Because the winners never reply, the prize goes to the next person on the list. But sometimes that person doesn’t get the email either. It might take 19 writers before one does."

The guy's a satirist, so maybe that's a clue. But, legit email getting caught up in spam is a real problem. One that I get asked about quite a bit. If anybody has any contacts the Nobel Committee, feel free to let them know that I'm ready and able to assist with any deliverability questions they might have, ha ha.

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