Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) was offline; is back

It's not just you! Many folks are reporting that Google Postmaster Tools is currently showing no data. I'm seeing this as well. In my case, my last data points appear to be from December 29th or so. At least one person suggested the outage goes back further than that, but I wasn't able to confirm that myself. I am, however, reliably informed that there is indeed a broad issue occurring, that the right people at Google have been made aware of the issue and are working on getting the issue addressed. Stay tuned; I'll post updates as I learn more.

January 10, 2022 update: GPT is back. Folks are reporting that it shows newer data. There's still a gap in data; it's hard to know if they'll restore the prior missing data; my guess is that they will not. We will see!
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