You should check out: Email Resources

I wanted to take a few minutes to let folks know about this cool website called Email Resources. It’s not just cool because we both use the word "resource" (though that doesn’t hurt!). It contains "A curated collection of the best email resources to help you at every step of your email workflow," lovingly crafted by Avi Goldman.

It's got a whole bunch of links to a whole bunch of useful things, things about

I reached out to Avi to ask him what inspired him to put Email Resources together. He said, "I'd been collecting resources for myself for a while and every so often I had an opportunity to share with other folks. I figured why not help people discover the right tools for them, especially when I had already compiled the list! I love being able to help the email community and publicize resources made by friends and folks I admire."

It's a sentiment that I appreciate and I'm very much thankful for Avi's effort here. I hope you'll feel the same way. Click on through here.

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