Yahoo Mail/Gmail 2024 Easy Sender Compliance Guide: Click here Thousands of BIMI Records Published During 2021

Wondering about BIMI adoption throughout 2021? Me, too. I am honestly surprised that adoption of BIMI by top brands and retailers has not be broader. Anecdotally, I've been watching and watching and watching, signing up for lots of mail, and seeing very little of it with a BIMI logo. But, while the needle has been slow to move, data suggests that it is indeed moving. Read more about it here, courtesy of

TL;DR? Almost 10,000 new BIMI records observed in 2021 by Not quite 200 of those referenced a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate, required by Gmail). It's growing....slowly, but it's growing! It took years for people to get hip to DMARC (by "get hip" I mean "consider it a best common practice"), so I think we'll get there, eventually.

[ H/T: Steve Jones

PS: Happy birthday, DMARC! The spec is now ten years old.

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