Pardot Geeks: Email Deliverability Best Practices in Pardot

Last week it was SFMC Geeks, but today it's Pardot Geeks! I love it when smart and kind geeks share knowledge to better empower others on how to do the right thing. A few weeks ago, Ben LaMothe (Pardot Solutions Architect at BDO Digital) led a Tampa Pardot User Group meeting on the topic of Email Deliverability Best Practices. He, along with Lori Trzcinksi, Brandon Walton, Stephen Stouffer and Katherine Lehman, share their expertise and experiences relating to best practices around email deliverability. It's good stuff! Find it here, and be sure to bookmark the Pardot Geeks blog, if you're a user of Salesforce Pardot and want to learn more about how it all works.

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